• PlanChain utility token ticker: PLAN
  • Total supply: 1.5 billion PLAN
  • Estimated circulating supply (when PLAN tokens released): 525 million PLAN
  • Approx. cost per token in public round: $0.02 USD/PLAN
Pre-sale Round 60%

Pre-sale Round





Silver Level – Pre-sale participant
Minimum contribution: 7 ETH

Token bonus lock-up: 6 months
Gold Level – Pre-sale participant
Minimum contribution: 15 ETH

Token bonus lock-up: 6 months
Platinum Level – Pre-sale participant
Minimum contribution: 25 ETH

Ratio: 1 PLAN/ 3.1 VET (65% bonus)
Token bonus lock-up: 6 months
Public Rounds
Date: After Pre sale

Minimum contribution: 0.25 ETH

No lock-up period

Please complete the Whitelist and KYC process described below to participate in the Pre-Sale round or any of the TGE rounds.

You will be able to contribute more than the amount you pledged. Please note the minimum contribution amount in each round you participate in. Contributions that are not the minimum amount will be sent back to your wallet.

How to use the PLANCHAIN Platform for participating in the Presale and TGE:

The process consists of 4 steps in which you will be carefully guided:

  1. Register an account and wait for Verification confirmation. It is very important to register your node wallet address in your account, so we can allocate you the bonus confirm your node status.
  2. After you pass the Identity Verification (KYC Process), you will be able to login to your account.
  3. Security: you can enable 2-Step Verification using Google Authenticator for your account.
  4. edit: you can edit your account at all times.


Reminder for KYC Materials

Materials you need to submit for Identity Verification (KYC) are:

  1. Passport or Government-issued Photo ID (Proof of Identity)
  • within the expired date
  • has a clear ID photo
  • government-issued
  • Handwritten paper with your name, date, signature and PLANCHAIN + ID card.

2. Proof of Address

  • Recommend but not limited to : -Household utility bill -Current driver license -Bank, building society or credit card statement -Local authority tax bill
  • Proof of Identity and Proof of Address should not be the same document.

*Please note that, due to national legislation, participants from AT LEAST the following countries are not allowed to participate in the pre-sale or the TGE: USA, South Korea, Singapore, China, and certain sensitive counties (such as Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Syria, and others). It is the responsibility of each participant to determine whether they qualify AND to complete the Whitelist and KYC process described above. These restrictions applies to all types of people (moral, physical, agent, etc.) and to any indirect participant (via a proxy, a name loan, etc.). By participating in the pre-sale and TGE, the participant agrees to the terms and conditions and the token purchase agreement, and acknowledges that they meet the above provisions.

Looking forward to your participation!