The PlanChain platform includes an IP Asset Marketplace called THORM that allows users to monetize their IP assets. THORM can use NFTs that represent IP assets and the metadata associated with the IP assets. Users can create profiles on THORM and also IP portfolios (linked to their profiles) to list, showcase, and monetize all of their IP assets. All transactions will be powered by the PLAN utility token and the VechainThor Blockchain, and may optionally use fee delegation (such MPP for VTHO) or atomic swaps.

How does it work?

  • Sell: users can list their IP assets for sale.
  • License: users can list their IP assets for license.
  • Trade: users can indicate their IP assets are also available for trade.
  • Auction: users can sell their IP assets in an auction format.
  • IP Asset Portfolios – each user can showcase a portfolio of their IP assets.


    • Users can showcase a portfolio of digital photographs or other artistic works for sale/license/etc.
    • Companies and individuals can showcase a portfolio of their issued patents for sale/license/etc.


  • IP asset pooling – users can pool two or more IP assets for sale or license as a group.
  • Muti-party IP asset pooling – multiple users (such as multiple companies or individuals) can pool multiple IP assets for sale or license as a group and share the proceeds per the terms of an agreement.
  • Automatic transfer of ownership – automatically transfer the proof of authorship and ownership from the seller(s) to the buyer(s).
  •  IP Asset Inheritance solutions – offer the user the option to sign up for inheritance solutions for their IP assets using technology powered by our partner SafeHaven.