The PlanChain ecosystem also includes a mobile application for IP asset management called SNAP BLOCK (patent pending) that integrates most or all of the features of the Proof of Authorship Engine, the IP Vault, and THORM: IP Asset Marketplace. Furthermore, SNAP BLOCK offers unique and innovative features for the user that is on the go.

How does it work?

  • User snaps a digital photograph (or records a video or other media).
  • PlanChain automatically, or based on user input, generates a record on the VechainThor Blockchain for proof of authorship and ownership of the photo.
    Two options:

    • Automatic option enabled – instantly and seamlessly perform operation after capturing photo.
    • User input option enabled – user asked to confirm immediately after capturing photo, and operation performed instantly after user confirmation.
  • PlanChain automatically generates blockchain certificate for user.
  • User has option to instantly create a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) of their photo.
  • User has the option to add a digital signature to their photo to visually indicate a record of ownership has been added to the blockchain (and optionally add other metadata).
  • User has the option to seamlessly add their IP asset to the IP Vault, and to their profile/portfolio in the THORM IP Asset Marketplace in order to monetize their IP asset.


All transactions using the SNAP BLOCK mobile application will be powered by the PLAN utility token and the VechainThor Blockchain, and may optionally use fee delegation (such MPP for VTHO) or atomic swaps.