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The global photo industry is worth $100 billion annually, and it’s tragic to see that just a fraction of it ends up in the hands of the top photographers. Partnership with Planchain will empower the photographers with their patented tools to track, distribute and sell their content securely.

Seven friends in 10 days. It was Facebook’s sole focus in its growth. Facebook knew getting a new user to add friends and begin building out their social network would keep that person coming back again and again. And so that magic number became their sole growth focus. They are basically a take on the “aha moment.” They are that wondrous tipping point where a person understands the value of a product and is transformed into a lifelong user.We are at a stage where we feel that our magic number is the amount of new listings on the site. Adding new listings is now our top priority. But our mission is not to add a million listings as soon as possible. The short term target is to manually edit the top 1000 places from the previous site by adding the tags needed for the new search engine. No doubt, we will increase the network effect by adding vetted ambassadors that curate cool places to Live The Life … to achieve this we are exploring better ways to reward them.Anyone who creates content that is chosen to be featured on the feed will receive tokens.It’s not simply about providing a monetary incentive for people to use the app, but rather uses this incentive to create a better user experience…The app is a kind of crossover between Tripadvisor and Instagram, but enhanced by — and shockingly, not encumbered by — blockchain. It lets you earn tokens when people upvote your travel content. You can send crypto to people you know on the app, you can use tokens to upvote other people’s recommendations and content, and they can upvote yours. Further, if you end up with enough money on the app, you can cash out with gift cards.The token is a form of signalling. The big idea is that the free “price” of social media creates a problem. Since everyone is able to tweet or post as much as they like, it results in too much noise. Our goals are to better reward the quality stories that resonate with readers. We will consider to calculate rewards based on the reading/watching time.Our network of local tastemakers will provide the inside take on destinations — curating hotels, restaurants, and activities that get to the very essence of a place. Maybe the aha moment is when a storyteller adds a new listing, discovers he just planted a tree and that he/she got rewarded for his contribution.

Synergie between PLANCHAIN and Live The Life

The native token of the content ecosystem will soon be PLAN. We have a bunch of ideas in terms of use cases. Just as an example, it could be used for voting rights to approve or deny the amount for listing/upload fees. It could become stakeable and could decide what gets listed on the travel guide and what doesn’t. The ideal would be for the tokens to be the gas that powers every transaction of the our decentralized travel content network, and give our contributor full control over the price, copyright and licensing of their images. Aside from protecting artists’ copyright, Planchain could also allow users to pay for creative content quickly and securely. Maybe even exploring how to better connect photographers directly with interested buyers …Protecting copyright is crucial in any creative business, especially for artists looking to make a living from their work. While the internet age has provided more opportunities for creators, it also carries a lot of risks. Online piracy and rights infringements are ever-growing problems affecting industries such as film, photography, visual arts, and music.Blockchain technology can help by protecting copyright with its transparent ledger records. Indeed, a host of blockchain-backed solutions now provide marketplaces for fair rights distribution. Smart contracts allow the peer-to-peer distribution of content without the need for a middleman, while also calculating royalty fees. It’s a pleasure to brainstorm about all these ideas with the team from Planchain, as they clearly share our vision and mission. For this to work at scale we will also need to recruit artists, creators and content, convert legacy entertainment players and processes to this new alternative industry, while attracting service providers to help enable its adoption. This will be the most challenging part of the adventure …
  • Users: buy and view content
  • Content Creators: add new listings to the LTL Travel Guide
  • Validators: vote on content being added or not to LTL Travel Guide
  • Developers: The plumbers who keep the platform running
  • Third Party Service Providers: They derive their income from the platform by providing a service to the Content Creators
The incentives can play the participants off each other by making them want the system to be the best: New content has to be validated into the system. Validators stake a minimum number of tokens, the more they stake the higher their vote is in determining what gets validated onto the platform. They are rewarded for their work and penalized for their mistakes. Developers can get Grants. In the event a piece of content is accepted into the system that is deemed not to be appropriate (ie copyrighted), the Validators will need to vote it out of the system. When the content is voted off the system the original curators that voted “yes” will be penalized and lose their rewarded payment.
Influencer deception will cost advertisers $1.3 billion this year” (Roberto Cavazos, University of Baltimore) Is that a problem worth solving?
Imagine a decentralized ad agency that connects photographers, videographers and other content creators with hospitality brands and restaurant owners. #livethelifetv