The core function of Live The Life is to let visual storytellers list hip hotels and cool places to live the good life. The end user will discover these hand-picked places based on their geolocation. Explore all the very best places to stay, eat and play that are nearby. Somewhat similar to TripAdvisor but only curated. Read why we listed it, get directions and make a reservation.

The end goal is to use this platform to create, share and connect with like-minded people and let them reap the rewards of participation. Verified users will get an instant kickback in their crypto wallet and will be able to spend it across the LTL ecosystem, where the most pro-active early participants benefit greater.

The past decade, LTL curated 1000’s of listings and the brand has had exposure to 100 million eyeballs so far. They built a community of nearly 100.000 followers.


Millennials and Generation Z travel differently than boomers, they are far more reliant on technology and dependent on a sharing economy, especially with the rise of application-driven services such as AirBnB and Uber. In the past, people relied on the knowledge and expertise of travel agencies in order to discover the best restaurants or experiences, but this is changing with the emergence of crowdsourced review sites such as TripAdvisor. The travel industry is dominated by giantsand each of them tries to bring something unique to claim their spot — TripAdvisor, Google Trips, Airbnb Experiences, and a lot of medium and small size companies that target a niche audience like Spotted by Locals etc. Most of them focus on cities while LTL focus more on beach and snow destinations.

The global photo industry is worth $100 billion annually, and it’s tragic to see that just a fraction of it ends up in the hands of the top photographers. Partnership with Planchain will empower the photographers with their patented tools to track, distribute and sell their content securely.


Our target markets are the major regions in the USA, Canada, Europe, UK, South Africa, Asia and Australia. The adventure tourism market is expected to reach $1.3 trillion by 2023*. Surf tourism is considered a form of adventure tourism. Other adrenaline pumping activities also continue to grow as more and more travellers are keen to push their limits. Inspired by a passion for outdoor action sports, they want to explore the world and share their stories with others. Choosing experiences is a travel trend that is shown across all generations and demographics. (Our verticals = 300+ M people)  (*Allied Market Research) Taking on an industry dominated by giants such as Expedia and Priceline, there is always the possibility that either of these two corporations could implement their own blockchain protocols. Apps like Instagram and TripAdvisor do not provide token rewards, despite the fact that these websites live and prosper thanks to their users, but they could start doing it. The challenge will be to leverage existing social platforms for discovery & distribution, while giving a compelling enough value proposition so that power users move to a narrower, premium community like ours. User-generated content has created high value for the shareholders of (social) media companies. Everyone who contributes scarce time and attention to a venture should receive pro-rata rewards for producing and curating high-quality (travel) content.

With a passion for genuine, culturally rooted hospitality and cutting-edge design and architecture, our members go beyond merely curating their own hotspots, we created a platform for shared experiences among people united by passions.


The decentralized travel content network will use Planchain for  LTL’s Media & IP Protocol. Through the strategic partnership with PlanChain, LTL can soon deploy technology to evidence creative contributions (text, photos, videos, etc..) and provenance authentication, copyright protection for visual storytellers, and registering IP rights. Digital rights management can assist to establish licenses or exclusive distribution networks throughsmart contracts and transmitting payments in real-time to IP owners. Blockchain technology can play an important role within the context of unregistered IP rights such as copyright. Uploading an original design or work and details of its designer or creator  to a blockchain will create a time-stamped record and solid evidence to prove these matters. Distributed ledger technology-based repositories for unregistered IP rights are an interesting and manageable solution for copyright protection as well as digital rights management.

Curated places at prime locations around the world. With our handy hotel-finding tool you can for example narrow down the entire collection to truly surf-front properties where you can wake up and check the waves from bed, so you can take advantage of great surf the moment it happens.

Yves Van den Meerssche is the Co-Founder of LiveTheLife.TV. He started his career at Quiksilver and got featured on for being a video streaming pioneer in partnership with Akamai. As a passionate photographer, he has been travelling the world chasing places to Live The Good Life. As a freelance journalist, he interviewed icons from the surfing industry and wrote stories for surf media publications. [email protected].

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