The what...

Planchain is a IP Asset Management Platform Powered by the PLANCHAIN (PLAN) utility token on the Ethereum Blockchain(patent pending).The Planchain platform will utilize DLT and blockchain technology to help manage, protect, and monetize IP assets in innovative ways. The Planchain platform offers blockchain-powered IP asset management solutions in the areas of copyrights, trademarks, and patents.


There is a necessary to have an successful intellectual property asset management platform that is standardized and is internationally adopted, wherin all the creators there creations, idea’s and inventions are safe without fear that someone else will capitalize on their efforts. We are dreaming of a decentralized world with no room for infringement and our goal is to speed up the innovation process in companies and foster the distribution of information across them through the ledger and in the end unify the entire Intellectual property system.


Intellectual property protection is critical to fostering innovation. Without protection of ideas, businesses and individuals would not reap the full benefits of their inventions and would focus less on research and development. Similarly, artists would not be fully compensated for their creations and cultural vitality would suffer as a result.

IP protection promotes innovation, provide IP asset owners the ability to protect their IP assets, encouraging owners to reveal their work and makes a s trong motivation to invest in idea development. Planchan will Provide IP asset owners a platform to monetize their IP assets and create immutable records for their IP assets that can help in legal disputes.

The Solution...

Blockchain Certificate

Unique URL

IP Professionals

IP HUB (Marketplace for all NFT’s)

Planchain Mail


IP Inheritance

IP Vault

Creative Visionares Club

Intellectual Property Assets Inheritance

Like a bank account or family business, intellectual property must be managed correctly to maximize its value.
If you don’t have an estate plan that describes what will happen to your intellectual property, it will become part of your residual estate.This means it may not go to the person you intended, and may not be managed in a manner that will protect it and maximize its value. You can’t see and touch intellectual property, which makes it easy to forget when you’re developing an estate plan.
Planchain has the answer to help protect your intellectual Property,maximize its value and making sure that your IP aset goes to your loved ones after you past away.

IP Asset Pooling

Pool in simple terms means Accumulation. A Patent Pool is defined as an agreement between two or more patent owners to license their patents to one another or to third parties. The patent pool mostly comes into play when an inventor gets stuck in complex technology that requires a complementary patent in order to achieve efficiency however such a complementary patent belongs to another patent holder. Patent Pool is somewhat similar to a Joint Venture with an object of sharing one’s Intellectual property rights.
The Planchain IP Asset pooling service makes it also possible for example that users can joint venture with others when they don’t have the possibility alone to purchase an NFT as one person or one company.

Creative Visionares Club

The Creative Visionaires club is a select group of contributors and believers.

This group will rethink and reinvent all kinds of solutions related with IP and blockchain.

More news coming soon…


The PlanChain platform includes an IP Asset Marketplace called IP HUB that allows users to monetize their IP assets.IP HUB can use NFTs that represent IP assets and the metadata associated with the IP assets. Users can create profiles on IP HUB and also IP portfolios (linked to their profiles) to list, showcase, and monetize all of their IP assets.  Our goul is to unify all NFT Marketplaces into one HUB. Users wil recieve a Unique URL link to share on the users social media where all his/her portfolio will be to start monotizing there IP assets.

Create NFT's

Sell with royalties



IP Asset Pooling

Multi-Party Pooling

IP Professionals

Our eco-system includes a wide range of intellectual property professionals from around the world to assist users in every way needed, Users can be in direct contact with professionals trough our blockchain based mailing system to file patents or register their work on official registration platforms. Users can store their idea, creation or invention in a private vault before they file it trough the official way or bring it to the marketplace.


Mobile App

The PLANCHAIN ecosystem also includes a mobile application for IP asset management called SNAP BLOCK (patent pending) that integrates most or all of the features of the Proof of Authorship Engine, the IP Vault, and IP Asset Marketplace. Furthermore, SNAP BLOCK offers unique and innovative features for the user that is on the go. The main feature is that users can take a picture or video and automaticly recieve a blockchain certificate and have the option to create a NFT of that picture or video.

PLanchain Mail

Planchain Mail is a blockhain based email-system that allows users to others in a highly
secure and private manner. Big advantage, all your e-mails can never be lost or deleted.
In a blockchain-based email system, each message is encrypted and stored on a distributed ledger.
This approach relies on virtual unbreakable encryption methods, which ensure that only you
can access your messages. Furthermore, nobody can interfere with those messages.
The Planchain email system provides better privacy than traditional email services. Obviously,
you wouldn’t delete important email messages yourself. Permanent storage mainly ensures that your email
service of choice cannot delete your messages―accidentally or deliberately.
Users will have the possiblitiy e-mailing our IP professionals in a very safe and secure way.