Why Protect your Intellectual Property

Promote innovation

provide IP asset owners the ability to protect their IP assets

Encouraging owners to reveal their work

Strong motivation to invest in idea development

Provide IP asset owners a platform to monetize their IP assets

Create immutable records for their IP assets that can help in legal disputes

Intellectual Property and Blockchain



22 % of global band-width is used for online piracy

12.5 bill. dollars in economic losses each year

71.060 jobs lost in the US every year due to Piracy

2.7 bill. in workers earnings are lost each year

42 % of softwares running in world are illegal

95 % of the music downloaded is illegal

Photo industry is worth $100 billion annually


Proof of Authorship Engine

IP Asset Marketplace: THORM

IP Asset Vault


Trust Alliance Network

IP Inheritance: Inheriti

Proof of Authorship Engine

The PlanChain platform includes a Proof of Authorship Engine to create an immutable record of the authorship and ownership of an IP asset (e.g., a copyrighted asset, such as a digital photograph) on the VechainThor Blockchain.

After receiving the blockchain certificate, the user may add an NFT of their IP asset to the IP Vault for secure storage or to the IP Marketplace for monetizing their IP.

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IP Marketplace

The PlanChain platform includes an IP Asset Marketplace called THORM that allows users to monetize their IP assets. THORM can use NFTs that represent IP assets and the metadata associated with the IP assets. Users can create profiles on THORM and also IP portfolios (linked to their profiles) to list, showcase, and monetize all of their IP assets. All transactions will be powered by the PLAN utility token and the VechainThor Blockchain, and may optionally use fee delegation (such MPP for VTHO) or atomic swaps.

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IP Vault

The PlanChain platform includes an IP Vault that allows users to securely store their files associated with their IP assets, blockchain certificates, NFTs, draft documents, contracts, among others.

Private Vault: secure storage that is only accessible by the user
Linked Vault: secure storage where the user can enable restricted access to certain vault documents to linked accounts, such as a IP professional working with the user.

Mobile Application

The PlanChain ecosystem also includes a mobile application for IP asset management called SNAP BLOCK (patent pending) that integrates most or all of the features of the Proof of Authorship Engine, the IP Vault, and THORM: IP Asset Marketplace. Furthermore, SNAP BLOCK offers unique and innovative features for the user that is on the go.

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Our Network Of IP Professionals

Our ecosystem also includes a Network of Intellectual Property professionals . Thanks to our partnerships with Delizio Law and The Trust alliance Network we will provide a wide range of IP professionals from around the globe.